Scuttered the Bruce is...

Julia Seltzer - Violin, Fiddle, Fortune Telling, and Margaritas

     We kidnapped Julia from a life of classical snooze concerto recital....ummmm....symphony.....yawn.... But don't let that fool you. Beneath all that nonsensical nonsense lies a hard rockin' tequila fueled tigress.

    Her favorite musical styles are Bach, Romantic period Classical music (vieuxtemps), and Gypsy Punk (Gogol Bordello). Julia hails from Gainesville, Florida and loves to get down with Violins and Viola's.

     Julia has a degree in music performance for Viola and has backed folks like Johnny Mathis, Natalie Merchant, the Alan Parsons Project, and Dennis DeYoung of Styx.

     When not engaged in some musical pursuits, she maybe found studying Tarot cards or geeking out on FPS computer games.

Favorite whiskey??? Tequila...I guess that's some sort of Mexican whiskey?



TODD - Guitar, Irish Bouzouki, Backing Vocals
     Hailing from the glamorous steel town of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania (home of Broadway Joe Namath), Todd is a Beaver County boy with a streak of Steinhatchee outlaw somewhere in his blood. He began playing guitar at around the age of fifteen but laid it down as he approached thirty, presumably to focus instead on becoming a responsible adult. Thankfully he failed in that endeavor and so dusted off his guitar a few years later and has now taken on a new instrument, the Irish bouzouki. 

     Todd’s musical influences come from a variety of sources and styles, from Jimi Hendrix to Phil Harris to Andy Irvine, and though he has been fond of Irish music for some time he has only been playing it seriously for the past few years. 

      Todd studied music engineering at Full Sail and is largely responsible for managing the Bruces’ equipment needs as well as their website.

     Fun fact about Todd: He was run over by a school bus in the first grade (it is unknown whether this was intentional) and has a tattoo of Chester the Cheetah of Cheetos fame (though I won’t say where)

Todd’s favorite whiskey: Jameson


Tim - lead vocals, tambourine abuser

TIM - Lead Vocals, Hostile Tambourine

   Hailing from the scenic western coast of County Kerry, Tim Freeman immigrated to America at the tender age of seven after his father was forced to flee the country due to some misunderstanding involving a cart horse and a local farmer's daughter.  

     Music played such a central roll in the lives of the Freemans of Ballycurrane that by the time Tim was eleven years old he dropped out of school, with the blessing of his parents, to embark on a three-year busking tour of North America.

     It was during this time of hitching rides and hopping trains that Tim first met Hobo Harry, the legendary guitar-picker and whiskey-sipper who, according to some, once rode the rails with Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie. Under the mentorship of Hobo Harry, Tim learned the full canon of American folk songs and came to truly know and appreciate his newly adopted nation--even his speech began to take on a more American flair.

     But his heart has always been in the land and music of dear old Kerry, and so, upon returning from his youthful travels, Tim vowed to never again sing American folk. Upon hearing of Tim's vow, Hobo Harry famously remarked, "Well that were a waste a time learnin' him all them songs, weren't it? But ah hell, the kid's got spirit."

     Since then, Tim has settled in the Gainesville area and started a family of his own, though from time to time he still dreams of the rails...

***Fun fact about Tim: There is not a single fact about Tim that ISN'T fun.***

--Tim's favorite whiskey: Redbreast Irish Whiskey (12 years or older only)



WILL - Lead Vocals, Whistles and Melodica

Hometown: Will hails from Florida, Montana, or New York. 

Favorite Music: Sea Shanties and Shape-note Church music

Favorite Artists: Tom Waits, Nina Simone, and Cezanne.

Fun Facts:

1. Can whistle and hum at the same time, though not in the same key.

2. Horrifically over-educated...MD, PhD, and STB.

Turn ons: Jameson Irish Whiskey, Bazouki tunes, and long walks on the beach with his peg-leg.

Contact: Will's prefered method of contact is "Message in a bottle". Go figure.

T.C. - Lead Vocals, Bodhrán, Space magic.

     Professional vocalist and visual artist from Gainesville, Florida. T.C. has participitated in art shows and toured all over the southeast and pacific northwest. T.C. Has performed in concerts, bars, and festivals as 1/2 of the contemporary duo, "Us" with her writing partner Jeff True Jones. She has also performed on Carnival Cruise Ships as a rock band vocalist.

     With a background in contemporary folk, jazz, and rock, and Irish ancestry, TC brings a legitimacy and intimacy to her folksy interpretations and the lush harmonies of traditional Irish music.

     While working with her duo act, she has begun to expand her knowledge of instrumentation, experimenting with acoustic guitar in order to add "instrumentalist" to her long list of accomplishments.

     If that's not enough, TC, in her "spare time" also enjoys art, crafting, writing, and is also an avid astronomer.

You can reach TC at for booking, general questions, and conversations about "space".