Scuttered the Bruce plays good old-fashioned, hell-raising pub songs in the mode of the greatest pub singers in recent memory, The Dubliners and The Clancy Brothers, but with all the piss and vinegar of The Pogues. With unrelenting energy and reckless good cheer, Scuttered the Bruce is deadly serious about having a good time. And if their enthusiasm doesn't infect you like some contagious form of drunkenness and get you snorting, stomping, and singing along, then you ought to check with your doctor to be sure you're not dead.

     Scuttered the Bruce's repertoire includes old favorites like "Black Velvet Band" and "Finnegan's Wake" alongside gleefully debauched and punkish fare such as "Streams of Whiskey" and "If I Should Fall from Grace With God" and is topped off with an extra helping of bawdy originals like "Burning for Mary."

     Scuttered the Bruce is a voice and string-centered band. The vocals alternate between the power of Shantey man Will Walker, the bewitching beauty of TC Hinson, and the tender, Makem-like croon of Tim Freeman, enabling Scuttered the Bruce to cover the full range of Irish canon from the boisterous to the sorrowful. Todd Osman drives the rhythm on the Acoustic Guitar and Irish Bouziki. While the melodies of Julia Seltzer's Violin soars high above the beer stained stage of Brucedom.

     Throw in the occasional tin whistle and the old boot on the stomp box, and you've got just the right mix to fill up a smoke-filled pub with raucous high spirits, all courtesy of Scuttered the Bruce. So sing up you bastards.